12 Uniquely Singaporean Food Gifts To Buy Back For Your Family And Friends

It’s quite hard to believe that anyone’s love for food trumps that of Singaporeans. After all, as self-proclaimed foodies, our culinary scene is something we’re all incredibly proud of – you could even say it makes up a good portion of our national identity! Be it a kaya toast-munching local or a tourist who’s fallen… Read More

Laksa Cookies and Chicken Rice Kits: A Taste of Singapore Packed Into Gift Sets at Changi Airport

18 NOV 17 – CNA Digital From laksa-flavoured cookies, chicken rice premixes to durian candy and Singapore Sling-flavoured rock sugar, tourists at Changi Airport now have a greater selection of local food gifts to take home. Dedicated aisles featuring about 20 local food products have been introduced at Taste Singapore outlets in Changi Airport’s Terminals… Read More

Singapore Food Gift Shops Launched at Changi Airport T1 and T4

18 NOV 17 – TODAY Online In a push to promote Singapore food to tourists – and support the local food industry – dedicated food gift aisles have been launched at Changi Airport Terminals 1 and 4. For a start, about 20 local food products ranging from Bak Kut Teh cooking kits, to ginger milk… Read More



新加坡食品厂商联合会(SFMA)与巧克力和糕点分销与零售商Focus Network Agencies(简称FNA)… Read More

Launch of Singapore Food Gifts at Taste Singapore (Changi Airport)

The Singapore Food Gifts initiative was launched by Minister Lim Hng Kiang, Senior Minister of State Sim Ann and SFMA’s Thomas Pek today, and is part of SFMA’s drive to accelerate the commericalisation of innovative products and help local food manufacturers access new markets. This is in line with the strategies under the Food Manufacturing… Read More

Changi Airport Stores Pack Hawker Culture Into Food Gift Sets for a Taste of Singapore

From laksa-flavoured cookies to fresh noodles, tourists can now take home more gift sets featuring local food items at Changi Airport.

This is part of a new initiative to help local food manufacturers capture a slice of the global market.
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樟宜机场设新加坡口味专卖店 伴手礼分享美味

出国时想为亲友带些伴手礼却无从下手?那么不妨到设在樟宜机场的“新加坡口味”商店,把我国特有的食品,当作伴手礼。… Read More